Composition and Production

Composition and production is integral to be able to be a good musician and it can take you many places and enable you meet fun exciting and  people. Many of whom are in the music industry.

Your first start would be to learn music, piano/keyboard from there you can pretty do as much as you please as long as you have the heart, soul and the edge. This is something I can bring to the table. Being able to pay a musical instrument is far better than just being able to produce ( false hits). You must feel what you are putting together.

Please only consider this subject if you have the correct equipment to learn and to practice. This can still be taught online, however I will be offering this tuition to students face to face when it is appropriate and safe to do so.


What's the deal

I have met and dined with many famous people over the years. I have walked the streets getting in touch with A &R Depts. I've been in several studios and I know the industry is tough, heartbreaking, seasonal. Very few people make it in the entertainment industry, the ones that do, well it is usually because of who they know, what they know or by accident and some are born into it. One thing for sure you need to be a go-getter, inspirational, likeable, passionate, a doer and not a sayer. You have to be innovative and accept people being negative 98% of the time.

Music is my passion and always has been since 6 yrs of age. It allowed me to follow through with studying Drama at one of Scotlands Top Drama Schools. I studied at Edinburgh Acting School Full Time under Anna Tinline.

I was then under a management company and became a session player for numerous bands and also our own band RAAN. We had a good following in the West of Scotland.

I now spend half my days in production/composition and using every skill I have to not only do what I enjoy but to really push myself further than before. Enjoying what you do is half the battle, it's long term learning and each production can be better or worse than the last.

I have been asked several times to compose music for film and TV. I have decided in the last 6 months to get back into Film, TV and Chart. I have been mostly occupied with students training and exams and have realised I should be doing both teaching and production. 

I'm very lucky as I do two things in life as a career that I believe I was born to do.

Presently I have 2 major productions going on with another 6 locked in the background. It takes time and one has to juggle.

As from 2022: I will be offering old and new students the opportunity to learn how  to compose, to use their own skills, to use my skills, to enhance their understanding of music on key and DAW.

We will learn how to mix, how to work with the right timing, beats, sound and use every creative skill one has. 

I will be using Garageband, LogicPro X and we can use FLStudio, Final Cut Pro. 

Students will have the opportunity to work alongside me in creating their own music for TV, Film and Pop, or even just for fun. If I have to do the majority I will hold the licence to that production.

Genres:Piano, Classical, Pop, Trance, Rock, Ambience, Holistic, Hypno, 60's-2000.

One should then find a platform to show of your skills. I for one am not a glory hunter, I can sit and wait but I am a Tiger. I am not one who needs thousands of followers on any platform, most will never know you, or me and they will not need you or be interested in you. Keep your platform under 10k and then change it again. Never keep the same. I've change mine twice, lost thousands and it will grow gain.

  • Radio Bites

  • Commercial Bites

  • TV Bites

  • Pop/Chart

  • Film /Budget

  • Commercial presentations


Equipment: This is suggested: IMac, MacBook Pro, External Speakers, Good Microphone, Good Quality Stereo Headphones,( Padded and Covers ears) Blue Tooth connection and correct cables and Piano/keyboard to Computer Connection, Printer.

DAW Download/Apps:  Garageband (FREE) ( Great for starters and also used by industry, Logic Pro X (£200)