Coronavirus Info & Policy

January 2021

Currently teaching online and will until we are all vaccinated or until the Government can allow pupils to travel. Exams will resume in May 2021


Sept 2020 All lessons will resume as per normal. Those with coughs and colds to be taught via cam. During Sept: Temperature screening in place. During August I will be teaching via Cam


Parents have decided to continue lessons via WhatsApp and FaceTime.


Hoping you are all well and enjoyed your Easter Weekend. It's been difficult for many people with warm weather. Do still try and get some fresh air and a walk.

The new teaching method of the webcam is certainly working and I think we will find that many people will be able to work from home in the months and years ahead.

The news is stating that China may well have a 2nd outbreak, not surprising considering the celebrations they had a couple of days ago.

I spoke with Trinity College and they are still continuing with their examinations, of which half will be recorded by the candidate. ABRSM has still not stated if their examinations will be going ahead in July. I suggest that all pupils continue as if this will be the case. 

Webcam teaching/tuition will continue until such times that everyone's safety is back to normal. Remember: I am giving everyone the opportunity to call me if you require an extra 15 mins teaching free during the week. ( Daytime only)


Update 23/3/2020

As from today - 23/3/2020

All students will now have their lessons via Webcam. The Government should be locking down the country. Your lessons will remain the same. Please order the sight-reading books from eBay and NOT Amazon. Amazon is now only delivering medical supplies. Your time slots will not change unless you decide you want to Webcam earlier. If so please let me know. I thank you in advance.

I advise you all to stay at home and stay away from the elderly and those with medical conditions. There are now new symptoms with the virus. 85% will catch this virus if not already.

URGENT UPDATE - 22/3/2020

Dear Parents and Students,

As from the 1st of April I am now requesting that all students have their lessons via webcam. If you cancel lessons I am afraid your slot may go to another student or an international student. (Please note: I still require one month's notice.) This message is in line with Government and ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) requirements for all tuition and teaching within the UK. Too many people are underestimating how dangerous this virus is and how many people will die.

This will continue until I believe it suitable for lessons at my home.This is to protect all, including my Son who has had open heart surgery and myself with a low heart rate. I also have to consider my neighbours and you too as I do not know who they have interacted with.

COME to me only if:

All members of your family are in full health.

You have not been in contact with anybody experiencing the virus symptoms.( How will you know?)

VIDEO CALL me for your session if:

You are quarantining due to sickness.

You are preoccupied about passing on or picking up the virus.

You would prefer to learn from home due to the circumstances.

I do hope that you will appreciate that this may be something we have to do for several months. Please note: over this period I will be offering all students free extra lesson time to call me if you require more help.I can only do this if I am not teaching another pupil. I shall be expanding this business very quickly and I am currently arranging webcam tuition in the USA.

I am now preparing students for their next exams and will keep up-to-date with the current exams that they could not sit. Please purchase Sight Reading Books associated with the current and grade above to be able to work with a webcam.

Your lessons will be exactly the same as if you were in the same room as me. In fact, we will still be in the same room and it will feel more relaxing to you having your tuition at home.

Important Update: Webcam Students

For those pupils that I'm teaching Via Webcam - I will also be happy to allow you to contact me during the day if suitable to run through any issues you're having with homework for 10-15 mins free of charge as and when you need the extra help. Please feel free to contact me as you do via WhatsApp. No Sunday's as I need a day off. We will probably all have so much extra time on our hands and if I can help you progress faster I certainly will.


All Students: If you wish to have your lessons earlier in the day please let me know  48 hrs in advance. This will free you up for the evening to spend with family. Please try and keep your lessons on the same day.

Update 22nd March 2020

60% of students have now requested their lessons over Webcam for the Month March and of April. I still have students that wish to attend lessons or a mix of both. I'm also offering an element of fun into the lessons too.

Update 21st March 2020

Happy Anniversary to my Wife and I. We actually forgot it was our Wedding Anniversary. ( too much going on)

I have now opened up slots for International Pupils via webcam. Please feel free to contact me and also read my Terms and Conditions about payment and how I work. I will be only offering selective slots for International and Webcam Teaching. I have around 8500 hits per month on my URL.


Over the next two weeks, my understanding is that the NHS in the South East and London areas will be hard hit with a rise in Covid-19 cases and sadly deaths. With this in mind, I will be asking that students be careful and seriously consider their lessons via Cam for 2 weeks. There will be no interruption as the lesson will be exactly the same. Just please purchase sight-reading books that are of the same Grading as your current or next exam.

Special Update: You will note that the Government has now suggested and in some cases ordered the closure of certain premises and restriction on travel. Anna is a fully qualified hairdresser and will be happy to offer my students discounted rates for haircuts and colouring etc. You will feel safe in her hands but she will only cut women hair. Men/Boy's I too trained as a hairdresser and did so in Windsor for a number of years. Anna already cuts several students hair and their parents at our home. We have all the best up today equipment for treatments. Just book with me in advance or ask during lessons.

Update 20th March 2020

If you were unwell like me many people over November/December/January with coughs and sore throat then you probably have already had your Corona Virus infection. We did not know what it was at that time. I think it's time to stop the panic but still be cautious and always keep up your hygiene protocols.

I am now putting together a new web page away from Slough Piano Teacher that will allow me to offer Webcam lessons nationally and internationally. I will still be keeping this page. I have a few spaces available for me to do this and of course during the day. I actually receive many international hits to my web page already and it would be only right to start to interact with those people. Obviously, those who travel to me will be my first priority in teaching at all times. Several parents have also asked would I still teach their children via webcam when they go on holiday - YES, indeed I will do so. This will offer continuity and less stress and worry for both parent and pupil. Just make sure you have a keyboard where you are.

The good news is that it seems the Government will be offering vaccines within the next month and this nightmare should be over for the whole country within 8 weeks and NOT 12 weeks as suggested.

Presently I now have 6 students taking Webcam lessons. Please note, you will need to buy Sight Reading Books relative to your Grade and the Grade above. Your lessons will remain as they would be if you were coming to me at my home.

I think by the end of this we will find that working from home and via webcam is how the future will be.  I also hope that mankind will show kindness and humanity towards all creeds, colours and religions. This virus does not care about where you are from or who you are.We need to fight this together.  There is also way too much bias in the media and scaremongering and only listen to real medical advice.

Update 19th March 2020

You will note that the schools will be closing on Friday 20th of April.

I will be happy to move around my time slots for parents and pupils during this time. So if you wish to come earlier then please do so or if you wish to have webcam lessons via WhatsApp or FaceTime please let me know. Please do come back on a regular basis as I will be updating on this page several times a week. I have 3 pupils who have now requested webcam lessons. I am now looking at rolling this out through Berkshire. There are limited slots available for this. I have also decided NOT to change my charges this year or next year and they will now remain the same.

Update 18th March 2020


Yesterday I had my first ever webcam lesson. The lesson was managed extremely well and the candidate had their device besides their piano and I had mine beside me at the piano. I actually got to see a lot more than I expected regarding posture and watching head as well as fingering. I have today purchased Portal - this can be used for WhatsApp video and Messenger.

Having found that this actually worked as we went through pieces and also sight reading. It was a positive experience for both client and myself.

So please inform me if and when you would like to do this. Presently, all lessons are still as normal and I am accepting students to my home. Only those who are unwell or concerned about the Virus will want to have lessons by webcam.

Update 17th March 2020

Sadly, yesterday I had to text students to let them know that ABRSM had cancelled ALL exams from the 18th onwards.

I have decided as from next week or as and when suitable to offer my services by webcam to those who may wish to participate. For others, you can continue to attend lessons as you will still be following Government guidelines. 

I will be offering on the following: Facetime, WhatsApp and Messenger. Today I will be purchasing Portal. This will allow me to interact better with all students via WhatsApp Video. I can use Skype but not near my piano.

Please note using the above is the last measure and will now require that you purchase Sight reading books relevant to the Grade your studying. I will continue to teach as per norm.

Thanking you for your support.

UPDATE 16th March 2020

The Government announced today that anyone with a high temperature or persistent cough should remain isolated for 14 days. 

The advice is to wash your hands and not to visit countries that have shut down with the virus such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Poland and the USA. The list is endless.

I would like to thank those parents that have supported me in continuing lessons and continue to come to lessons. If it was not for your support people like myself would no longer be in business to support your children. So at this time please think of the Tutors that still wish to work.

End of present Update.



My Precautions

I do take this matter very seriously as one should do and I'm doing everything to protect my family, friends and those who come to visit our property. It is virtually impossible for the virus, to be in our property due to the cleansing we do and the precautions I'm taking with every visitor.

I have spent money on hand foam cleansers of the highest hospital grade and quality, enough for 6 months. I have also purchased two oxygen tanks and mask. I have also normal face masks for the protection of coughs and sneezes as well as N95 Masks that protect against the Coronavirus. Our place is clinically cleaned twice per day and piano/keyboard sprayed after every use.

If I feel an individual is very unwell, I will take their temp and request they go home. The normal cold is of no concern to me as many people will have the odd cough. I also can supply face masks.

The only way the virus could cause issues is if someone has it and comes to my lessons. So the only people I am blocking from lessons will be those very ill, those who have visited China, Iran, Korea or Italy. They will have to self isolate for 2 weeks and I do not have any pupil who has visited those nations or plans to do so. In a nutshell - it is virtually impossible for the virus to enter our home. We are also lucky as I do not work alongside many people and Anna works from home.

My Expectations

I have only had three parents ask me if I am still going to continue lessons during this time. The simple answer is YES of course I am and I have to for many reasons. If I stop, I will go out of business and this will affect my family and my own welfare. If that happens it will affect every single student. Being self-employed, I do not have the luxury on offer by the government to self isolate and get paid. However, as mentioned above there should and would be no need to take this drastic action.

If Unwell and have Virus

If any student or parent finds that they have contracted the virus they will only have to self isolate for 2 weeks maximum. If they are unwell and can't attend school then please do not attend my lessons. I do not want to see you and wish you a quick recovery if this happens to you.

If I become unwell with the virus I will contact all students and cease lessons for two weeks. This includes if my family contract the virus. You should feel rest-assured about my policy.


Please note the chances of catching the virus are 50/50 depending on if your cautious on hygiene or not. It also depends as to where you are going to travel and whom you're working with and where they travelled. Do not stand near someone coughing or sneezing and ask those who do cough to cover their mouths. 

We are fast approaching warmer days and this should help us against this awful situation.

I would very much appreciate if you would support me in this matter as I take my job and the welfare of my family and students with the highest regards and priority.

Thanking you in advance.

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Please listen to this lady from Spain. This is extremely serious as the UK is about to go through far worse in the next month.