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As an adult or teenager living today we all find stress in our lives and in this modern age everyone is trying to compete with each other on so many levels, however finding the right balance is something we all try and find with work and pleasure.

Good friends of mine opened up Paeonia Bubble Tea Room in Eton High St.

We have all visited the burger bars, the cafe's around town but this is different and unique in style and passion and it's all to make you feel calmer and refreshed. Want some privacy - you got it - want to interview your staff you got it. Paeonia has a calming back room with wide space and enough for those wishing to have  it private or for those just wishing pure relaxation.

Visiting Eton or Windsor and feel that those typical cafes are over crowded but want to try something different well I invite you to come along and taste the freshness of the pastries, food and of course teas and coffees.