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John is a real inspiration to the whole of music community, specially to his pupils. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to the pupils he teaches passionately not only piano but about life too. I wish I had a teacher in my childhood who is so brilliant in life and music teachings. A real guru in his fields ... he helped transformed my daughter's take on life and positivity that is been brought in her up bringing.
Many thanks John, no word is enough to praise you individuality as a human being first and second to none as a real role model.

Deb Mitra

    • The best teacher ever! His discipline and professionalism is a class apart. He is responsible for my son gaining grades as well as developing an acute interest towards music as a whole. 100% pass is just one thing. He develops your child with more than just piano grades. 

Subbu Iyer

Best piano teacher yet


After quitting the piano as a teenager I decided to take up music lessons again after graduating from University. John is by far the best music teacher I have had. He has the ability of teaching music and incorporating an element of fun, something, which has been lacking in previous teachers. I highly recommend John to anyone who is interested in taking up the piano and willing to put in the practice

Kamaldeep Bains



A real teacher!


I started learning piano with John as I wanted to do something more than just being a busy mother of two kids. I realised soon how good a teacher John was . You could not take music just easily with him. He would expect his students to come prepared to his class after definite practise at home. At the same time he would also motivate and correct if things went wrong. A very friendly, methodical and organised teacher with a good sense of humour. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn piano/keyboard.

Sunitha Amudhan



Fabulous and patient!


John has taught my daughter who was a complete beginner for the past year and she has enjoyed every lesson. John is able to get the right balance between progressive results and keeping the lessons fun. I would highly recommend him as a tutor for children from 8 years on. Great value for an hours lesson to



Perfect tutor for any student

 I originally started learning the keyboard because I wanted to undergo a career in music; John has also given me an insight of how the music industry works and has taught me a lot. John’s lessons are fun and enjoyable. He teaches you music that you are interested in and also teaches you the classics. John will always know if you’re struggling and is always willing to help even over the phone. John will always push you that extra bit, which is going to help in later lessons!






Entertaining, understanding, incredibly patient, good value



Fantastic local tutor who provides a safe, fun environment, whilst maintaining a great level of patience and professionalism.

Overall Rating:

5 Star

Jacqui Jones


Iam happy to recommend John McCutcheon as piano teacher. My two sons attended to his lessons for couple of years and made massive progress at playing the piano and they did piano grades as well. My older son he has achieved Grade 2, 3 and Grade 4 on the piano with John, getting distinction score twice. My younger son (he is 11 years old now) he was attending to John's piano lessons and he has achieved Grade 1, 2 and 3. Additionally to preparation for piano grades John inspired my boys with many other beautiful piano pieces from different areas like movies, popular songs and classical music. They were always choosing music pieces that my boys feel and like, because John was always saying that learning piano is not only about doing grades it is also and even first and most important thing is to feel and enjoy the music. Therefore I was so happy as mum being able to hear my boys learning, practicing, enjoying and exploring beauty of music. I know they are proud of the things they learned and achieved thanks to John. Sometimes they struggled as every person does, specially in challenging times, but John kept his level of expectations and was trying to support them as much as he could depending on the child's personality and character. There is also another thing about John that the student needs to keep in mind- you need to practice and do your homework to stay with John, otherwise he will not be happy to teach you if you don't practice and if you're not interested in learning piano. He can understand if you have bad moments or troubles, but you need to be eager and happy to learn the piano. We all really appreciate the time and everything we experienced with John as piano teacher. Thank you very much.


Beata  & Adam  

John has a unique teaching style which has proven to be very effective and works. He is bubbly but firm which ensures I am up to date with all work set, but more importantly John makes you realise that you are really doing it for yourself which most pupils lose sight of. He very patient with me even when I know I am slacking he understands and works with me to pick up the pieces. I am honoured to have had John as my mentor.

Malkit Bhambra


John gave me lessons for 5 years and I have never worked so hard but had so much fun. He is an excellent teacher even for us "oldies" and have patience of a saint!! I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn the piano/keyboard. I am just very sorry that I now live in Dorset and cannot continue with the lessons even for a top up.

Veronica Huxford

“John is a wonderful teacher. Patient and purposeful, with his guidance his students are in a state of creative accomplishment which builds as they enjoy. 

- Suzanne Reid PhD, Julia Yang PhD, Lawrence Li, Stoke Poges”


We all enjoy learning from/with you. 

Thank you so very much. 


All best, Suzanne 

Suzanne Xiao Yang, PhD in Law (CASS, Beijing), DPhil in IR (Balliol, Oxon)
Director, Centre for Chinese Governance Innovation

''John McCutcheon  has been an amazing teacher to my daughter. Unlike other teachers John really understood my daughter's way of learning and taught her accordingly, He is very good at pushing kids in a gently way to bring the best out of them and make every lesson exciting and fun.

I will highly recommend John for anyone who wants to learn quality piano.''



 I recommend this teacher. He differs from the other teachers that I have been to (three that is) through the way he understands his pupils and readjusts his teaching style according to it. He also makes the lessons we have super fun and interactive which I extremely enjoy. I could not have attained a distinction for Grade 3 without him. It is very rare to find a teacher who is both a very good teacher and also a very good pianist. During lessons, we not only do what is required in the curriculum but do things outside it like composing, challenges and duets. Due to the lessons being a lot of fun and being able to achieve high goals at the end of the day, I recommend this teacher.

Koti Jaddu


John is passionate about music and teaching, and this is shown through his enthusiastic and patient approach with young people. He has developed a program and teaching techniques that are always age and skill level appropriate. He encourages students throughout the lesson, providing just the right amount of urging to keep trying. He encourages kids to listen and play different pieces outside the scope of grading. This helps to generate interest in music. I have two sons and both have been taking lessons from him for last two years. I highly recommend John as a Piano Teacher.

Rakesh Lad


I am very happy that I am taught by John McCutcheon , he is an amazing piano teacher. I not only learn how to play the piano but I most importantly have fun in his lessons. John gives me a lot of help and confidence in playing the piano and not only that,he is determined and motivates me into working hard and achieving the best I can. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone who has an interest in learning how to play the piano.

Jacek Fedorowicz

Truly outstanding tutor! Much more than just a piano teacher-a great human being with true passion!!!

Lekh Ghimire

I'm truly grateful to have a teacher so adaptable in teaching children and adults in a warm, friendly environment. I value his knowledgeable life skills that go beyond music tuition which is tailor made for me. Thank you John.

Deniston Edwards

Great teacher! Has always been so supportive and teaches you in a way that you won’t forget anything. You’re assured a pass at least at any grade!


My son has been learning piano for 14 months with John and he enjoys the piano lessons. When we communicated with other parents and they were amazed by how good my son's teacher is. We lived a bit far, but we don't mind driving down to Slough every week for the lesson. John is an amazing teacher and he teaches not only for the exam but also the attitude and the passion for the music.

Chao Yang

I've been taught by John for over 3 years and I have enjoyed every piano lesson that I have attended. He makes learning music fun and enjoyable. Not only does he go through the exam grades in an easy to understand manner, he also teaches us to play a wide range of music. I would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn the piano.

Sree Jaddu

What can i say, as an adult student i wasn't sure I'd be able to read sheet music or play a whole song, but with johns years of experience teaching adults and children low and behold i can! he knows how to tailor each lesson for different students and make you feel comfortable and relaxed, which in turn i think produces some wonderful results quite quickly.

Parm Singh

We have been fortunate enough to have both our children taught the piano by John and score distinctions in both their exams. His teaching methodology is by far better than any other. I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone told me that a child could play a music piece in a year’s time, but I have seen it happen with my own children in under a year! He challenges students to go beyond their own expectations, thereby increasing their confidence and eagerness to learn more. John has also become a wonderful friend to us and we would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn the piano. Excellent teacher!

Ollie G

Have nothing but praise for John his an amazing piano teacher very experienced and excellent way of teaching i would recommend anybody wanting to learn to play the piano.​

Kevin Njoroge

John has been my piano teacher for almost 2 years now and he truly is an amazing teacher with the ability to encourage people of all ages to develop their skill and interest in music. His lessons are extremely enjoyable where the focus is not just classical music. Lessons with him have really made me listen and play different kinds of music and has overall increased my confidence. Would 100% recommend this teacher.


I have been playing the piano for two years now and I have built lots of confidence when playing the piano and developed many skills. His lessons are very enjoyable as he explores other genres of music you would enjoy rather than just classical music. John is a very patient and talented teacher who takes care of his students and helps them reach their goals.​


John is an amazing teacher :) he knows what he is doing and knows how to teach in a fun and interesting manner. Furthermore he is very friendly and even in the middle of all the exam pieces he manages to fit in some fun musical activities which helps to boost not only my musical skills but also my creativity and innovation for making more compositions of my own as well as in other circumstances. I definitely recommend john as anybody’s next piano teacher. He will not let you down​

Vishal Jayaram

John is an excellent teacher. Very supportive and explains very well. Teaches in an easy-to-understand format and has an immense amount of knowledge about the various piano exams and their respective syllabuses. Would highly recommend this teacher to anyone wishing to learn piano.​

Prashamsa Manchiraju

My daughter has been learning piano for a couple of years with John and has loved it.She has progressed very well and we are really pleased with the teaching style and support he offers. 👍👍​

Rajashree Shanker

John has taught my son piano for over a year now and in that time he has made lessons both fun and challenging. He makes his pupils work hard as he wants them to achieve the best they can. My son struggled to grasp the basics at the beginning and nearly gave up but John was patient and encouraged him to keep going. One year on he has achieved a distinction in his grade 1 exam, is about to take his grade 2 and is already working on his grade 3. We are very lucky to have found such an excellent teacher.

Mrs Parm

John is a excellent teacher with a unique teaching skills. He gives 💯 % during lessons . His great encouraging skills, he can make music learning journey enjoyable for any age.​

Neelam Patel 

I'm am very happy with John, I was very nervous at my 1st lesson, but John's professional attitude and experience quickly calmed my nerves. I definitely found the right tutor!


Excellent teacher. Quick to identify issues and guide in the right direction. Trustworthy and great environment to learn … Would highly recommend to anyone !!


"John is a great teacher and it is wonderful to witness how he has helped my daughter reignite her passion to play the piano, especially following disappointment with her previous teacher. His experience, technique and encouraging teaching style ensures that lessons are enjoyable. My daughter always comes away feeling inspired and motivated to put in the practice required. I would recommend John to any level piano student who seeks instruction."



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