Piano Lessons Online

Let me say right from the start, they do work and in actual fact sometimes even better than face to face. Yes, they really can make a huge difference and I will cover this.

Many years ago I would laugh at tuition online regarding any music lesson. I felt that there was so much negativity that I actually would not entertain it even when asked to provide this service. I had 2 pupils who were learning guitar online and one of the teachers kept disappearing to make food. This in itself is an embarrassment and I would not allow myself to be taken into a new route of teaching. The other child reported that his teacher was constantly smoking whilst teaching.

So what changed my mind? Covid changed my mind and I had to change my ideas about how to not only keep my business going but to honour the pupils that I had been teaching.Every business had to change, people had to work and still do work from home. The way we work has now changed forever, certainly for many people around the world.

Covid, has presented us all with many challenges, wither you are student at school, a parent trying to cope and people who would normally work in offices, pubs, buildings, public and private sectors. It certainly has changed the way our hospitals and our NHS is run.

So what have I had to do to change?

I've had to invest in different ways of communication such as upgrading software advertising, computers, telephones and internet connections. I've had to make sure that I can teach pupils all over the UK and also worldwide.

Mostly I have now had to change direction with Exam Boards. I have had to move pupils to Trinity College online exams. I also have continued to offer ABRSM exams. All I may say have been a great success.

So what are the key benefits of online tuition with myself. Well firstly let me say that even some of my pupils that started last years from scratch and whom have only had 1 month of face to face lessons are now at ABRSM and Trinity exam Grades of 5-8. That's from a beginner to Grade 7 online in 1 year.

Please do note. I will be offering face to face lessons when I think it is suitable and then I will be offering both. Most parents have already told me they wish to continue with online lessons and the following will explain why they now prefer this method.


  •  A trouble free way for you to learn the piano from your place of comfort 

  •  Being able to play your own piano, while also staying comfortable, you've just got to focus on learning your dream instrument.

  • Save time and money in the expense of travel. Home is the most comfortable place to learn and it always feels safe. You could probably save between £100-£500 a year in travel.

  • Straight from school/work and no need to worry. Cup of tea or juice in hand and ready to learn.

  • Safe from the spread of covid and limiting your amount of time with more people around you.

  • Higher chance of you attending all your lessons even if you are feeling poorly.

  • Parents feel more relaxed.

SEPTEMBER 2021.  UPDATE FOR January 2022

I will be offering a mixture of online and face to face lesson from January 2022 depending on the Governments advice and how Covid is being dealt with.


25/11/21: We now are seeing a new variant of Covid coming from Botswana. This may be far worse than our current Covid and if so then I will not be offering lessons from my home.

I did a survey with my students and parents and the majority do prefer online lessons and or the possibility of mixing. Mixing the lessons will require a minimum of 24 hours notice so I can prepare.

Anyone with a high temperature or cold will not be allowed in my home. Facemask to be worn and temperature check will be taken. I will be keeping a safe distance from the piano and will not touch the piano during the students lessons. Only one parent and Child allowed in lesson. I may ask the parent to wait in the car as less people coming to my home the safer it is for me and my family.

Online allows me to use Zoom and two cameras to show the student how to play and is just as effective if not more than sitting next to a student.