Charges T & Cs- Update 2020 -PLEASE READ

Average charges within the M25 is now £38-£50 per hour.

My charges are currently £35 per hour Grades 1-5

Grade 5 Theory and Grade 6 - 8  £40 per hr


Hourly Lessons Only- Children and Adults will benefit more with an hours lesson- 30-minute lessons may not work.A child will not take in everything during a lesson and 30 minutes could waste your time and money.


Covid-19- As from March 2020 my lessons were taken online and have been a great success and pupils continued to learn through several Grades.

I have continued online lessons and will await until it is safe and suitable for students to return face to face lessons. The majority of parents and pupils now prefer online lessons.

Anyone with a cough or high temperature/or family member will not be allowed to enter my home for lessons and the lesson will take place online. Any parent who travels abroad will not be allowed in lessons. Those working within a hospital environment or School will have their lessons mostly by webcam. I will however, expect to see all pupils undertaking examinations at least twice before undertaking the exams.I will test you at least 4 times.

Charges now frozen till 2022 

Hello Parent/pupil,

January 2022 ALL CHARGES Grades 1-5 will be £38 per hour and frozen for 3 years

Standard charges for Grade 5-8 is £40  ALL charges will be frozen until 2027

The Terms and Conditions below are in place for parents and students. You must be 100% fully committed to learning. Thank you for your understanding.

I update on a regular basis. Please always check to see every 6 months if there are any changes to my policy. Charges will change mostly every 2-3 years. Most teachers change their charges every 1-2 yrs.

Please be aware that all parents and pupils MUST understand my Terms and Conditions. There is no negotiation and  no bending of the rules. 



Payment for Lessons

As from January 2022 ALL CHARGES of £38 per hour will come into place to meet with the current standard of Music Tuition. I have kept my charges lower than most for as long as I possibly could. I will not be changing this until 2025. This gives most of you the opportunity to achieve all your goals.

Payment must be made advance. 1st day of each month. Charges apply at £5 per day missed payments. Parents MUST text me when payment has been made. I do not like chasing for payments.

If you book lessons as a starter and then change you or the prospective pupil change their mind about lessons, you will NOT be refunded.

Parents/Pupils can pay  Monthly in advance - online banking


I do not teach in Groups as Pupils will not benefit from a full hours lesson.

​COVID and Vaccinations

No vaccine then you will not be allowed to attend lessons. I will require a copy of your vaccination card. You can still have your lessons online.


I will be offering the occasional free lessons to students that undertake their examinations. I offer this benefit alongside their normal lessons. I will endeavour to offer this in a fair way. I will not be allowing parents or pupils to take advantage of this and will make sure it is fair to all. Free Lessons will be offered at certain times as and when I see fit and could include Sundays.



I welcome international students as I have been viewing the hits on my web page to which is around 8500 per month and I have been asked if I would teach via Webcam. It was something that I had not participated in but having now taught all of my own pupils via cam it has shown to be very positive.

I am more than happy to teach International students as long as you understand English and also are older than 6 yrs of age. Parents should also be in attendance whilst webcam lessons are in progress. You will be expected to purchase the correct books for Webcam lessons. My Terms and Conditions are the same for International Students.

My charges are £35 (GBP) per hour Slots only held for 48 hrs​

Travel to Pupils Homes - Not happening

Unacceptable Pupils

Sadly, I will not be able to teach pupils that have more than 4 extracurricular events on as learning music and undertaking exams are extremely important. If your child has drawing classes, ice skating, and football for example you will have to make serious decisions as to what you think is a priority for your Childs future. Academically ice skating and drawing, photography, chess, etc may not be the right way forward and it certainly would conflict with my expectations.





Once you have been given a suitable timeslot for lessons please do not try and change this.Time slots are precious and it can affect other pupils if people turn up late or do not turn up at all. Charges may well apply. Lessons are weekly and those not attending weekly lessons will have their lessons terminated. So please do not waste my time. This would be a shame for you or your child.



Cancellation of Lesson


Please give me at least 72 hours notice if you need to change your lesson or cancel lesson.It can be extremely rude if one receives such late notice of not attending. I do not offer refunds if you decide to terminate your lessons or if I decide to terminate lessons


Emergency cancellation of lessons can happen and are accepted but not for headaches, periods, sore foot, sore stomach, runny nose, sore finger or I just forgot. This list is endless. If you are very ill and have not attended school then I will do my best to change your lesson date. You will be charged for cancellation of lessons if it is less than 72 hours notice. Excuses such as going to a party, parents have friends coming round will not be accepted. This list is ever-growing. I do not cancel lessons for Birthday parties that you may wish to attend. Only cancel if you have a very good reason. Family members visiting is NOT a good reason!

Lateness - If you are late, you are late but your lesson will not be extended nor made up.

Homework - All students will have homework as you will need to practice. You must do your best and work your given time such as 45 mins, 1hr, 1hr 15mins etc. No homework without a good reason - 1st Strike

Makeup Lessons - UPDATED May 2019: I will be only offering limited makeup lesson slots. > LATE NOTICE and you will be charged. Emergency late notice - I will only do this on a Sunday or other free day if available. If you do not accept the chosen day given (Makeup) I will have to charge you for that missing lesson. If no dates are available I will no longer be deducting from the following month. If you continue to use emergency notice to change or cancel lessons I will terminate the lessons and there will be no refund. Sundays are my day off and it is precious to myself and family.  

TERMINATION OF LESSONS - I require 1 months notice. If no notice given then no refund is given. I also have the right to terminate lessons if pupils do not attend on a regular basis, or are given 3 strikes for lack of study.If you join and you or your child change their minds about learning there will be no refund. You should know in advance if you or your child will wish to learn.

Pupil's Practice 

Non-exams 45 mins daily

Graded Exam Practice Times:

Grade 1 - 45 mins - 1 hr per day

Grade 2 - 1hr - 1.15 mins per day

Grade3 -  1hr 15 min - 1.1/2 hrs per day

Grade 4 - 1/12 hrs per day

Grade 5 - 1 1/2- 1 3/4 Hrs per day

If the pupil does not study as suggested it may take 6 months longer to take their exams and they will fail their 4 tests and not achieve the 125 targets set by myself.

Certificates: Once you have your certificate I will require a photocopy of this and examiners report for my records.

If they continue to do less than instructed without a valid reason I will terminate future lessons and there will be no refund.  They will also NOT be allowed to take their Graded Examinations. 

I will NOT EVER tolerate lazy, undisciplined pupils or parents - It is the parents that need to motivate their children.

HOLIDAYS - 4 weeks' notice required for any holidays you are booking. Including D of E or anything else.

                      For Summer holidays I will require at least 3 months notice especially if you are going away for more than 4 weeks. If you take more than 4 weeks off for the Summer your child will NOT be taking their exams in the Winter period.

STRIKES - Strikes are given to pupils/parents that do not comply with the rules. Lack of study or no study. Rudeness and not coming to lessons. 3 strikes and termination of lessons with immediate effect and no refund of charges.


Exams - If parents take their children away for more than 3 weeks and depending on the pupil's performance I may not put them through for their Spring or Winter Exams. All students MUST score 125 with my 4 tests. Failure to achieve this may possibly give cause for me not to allow you to be put forward for your examinations. Once you have gained Grade 3, I will stop the pupil for 9 months to work on other non-examination music. 

If I suggest that a pupil is not ready to undertake an examination it means they will not be doing their examination. If a parent disagrees with me then I will terminate the future lessons. I have to protect the integrity and ethics of my business and of the well-being of my pupil.

All certificates must have Presented By John McCutcheon or John R McCutcheon, certificates without a name must be sent back and replaced. This is the responsibility of the parent/pupil

Outside Concerts - I do not engage my pupils through any outside concert or venue as I believe they have enough to do without wondering if they are good enough to take extra study for something that their parents wish. However, If you really feel the need to add the pressure on to your child to perform then please let me know at least 6 weeks in advance so that I can help them. Without help they may not fit your expectations and will obviously make them feel very uncomfortable. It could also affect my reputation by putting your child into a concert when they are not ready.

Free Singing and Breathing Lesson

As and when suitable.

Currently charging £35 per hr Grades 1-5

Musical Theatre Singing - £35 per hr

£40 per hr Grade 5 Theory and Grades 6-8 Practical

My charges: Frozen till December 2022 

6 yrs upwards 1 hr Lesson £35 per hr I do not offer discounts on multiple lessons or for family lessons.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Children with ADHD,ADD can benefit from Music Therapy.

However, it will take longer for those children to undertake their examinations.

Group Sessions


I do not offer group sessions as I do not believe they work unless it is a motivational breathing/ singing session with all pupils who are currently under my teaching. A Private Music Teacher does not have the time and capacity to teach in group sessions as the pupils will not be given the best opportunity to learn under those circumstances. One to one teaching offers the best education for any pupil.

Commercial Requests


I do not do commercial requests. Studio, T.V, Film only. Session requirements considered.

No payment - No Lesson


Payment MUST be made monthly in advance. I charge for late payment. The charge rate for late payment is £5 per day. 


Holidays: 4 weeks notice required.

Main Holidays - Summer - 3 months advanced notice required


I am a Tax Registered Piano Teacher and my Accountants are based in Maidenhead