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Trinity Exam Help

Welcome to the easiest way to make sure that your performance is right for the exam. If you are reading this page there is a high chance that you or your child may possibly be ready to undertake their music exam.The instructions and videos on the page will clearly allow you the student and parent to understand the full requirements on how to pass your Trinity Exam. You will also see videos how to perform for your future exam.

Parents have often contacted me asking me to help them with completing. It's not too bad but I will try and make it as easy as possible for you.

Before you shoot the videos for the exam you first must be 100% sure that you have put in the best effort possible. If not I and many other teachers will reject your video and I will cover that too.Please expect to send me between 4-8 videos. 

This is a video showing you how to make sure you have everything in place for the exam

Now to book your Exam

Now that you are ready to book the exam you will now have to register with Trinity.If you are booking an online/digital exam (Digital Grades) please make sure that you have gone to the correct link to do so. Once you have done so they will come back to you with a date explaining the final date to send in your video. 2 weeks max.

Sending me your videos before you send to Trinity.

Please make sure that you videos are up to the standards that I and the Board require to pass the exam. Too many mistakes or wrong attitude during performance will not be accepted.

Lack of practice will not give you the score that you might be expecting. So not everyone will achieve the same results as others undertaking the same exams.

Please click the SHOP link to access the new Trinity Exam Books.

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