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Game Changer in Teaching

Piano Keyboard

There are very far and few teachers that will go beyond the standard ways of teaching. I have always tried to find ways to motivate my students for exams or for fun. Teachers, have many ways of developing a students musical ability. However, each student is different and we can't all be taught the same way or even a standard way.

The Game Changer, is the software that I am using in my lessons, for all students. The software is for students who may well be visually affected as well as needing visual aids and aids to help them see their mistakes as well as showing them a multitude of helping them update their skills.
It's 100% perfect and will show the student exactly what is going on with their playing.
Weight Control of each finger and hands/Touch
Length of note play
Missed Notes
Extra Notes
Clipped Notes
When I incorporate my teaching style to the software it can enhance the understanding and study for the pupil immediately by 60% just within one lesson. To me and the pupil/ parent that is a game changer. It will immediately reset the student and their issue. Nobody is a perfect pianist or student but the software really does motivate the student to be much better EVERY LESSON.

For each lesson it is now turning into a game where the student is trying to beat the software and in doing so is improving their ability to learn and stop mistakes with immediate effect. Obviously this works in my lesson but will the student be able to incorporate that at home. Indeed yes they do retain the knowledge from the lesson. They can now see and hear the mistakes immediately.


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