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Reading in Bed

My Own Book

Hello to all parents, students and this that do not even know me. Most of the information about myself you will be able to read on the other pages.

However, this is something I have been considering for several years, writing a couple of books.

So read on to understand my thoughts on this and why I think it is important.

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My Story

Many years ago I would make up stories to help Robert go to sleep. Fantasy stories about a Pig called Peaky and his fantastic adventures. Luckily enough I have written several short stories about Peaky and now I need them to be put into a small children's book. I hope to add a few new stories about Peaky and his adventures. 

Several years ago I was thinking of writing my own music teaching book.There are so many on the market place and many good ones. Some can be confusing and others extremely good, like the ones I have been using to teach my own pupils. So that's about learning music. This is the first book that I will be getting my teeth into and try and really make it easy for all learners to understand. I will be adding my thoughts an examples of how one should learn and using your imagination too.

The other book I am looking forward to writing is about Teaching Music.

Each teacher at school, university or private has many stories to tell about their experiences and I shall be doing the same. Obviously many names will be changed unless permission is given to use by parent or pupil. In general the book will be funny, shocking, factual and of course benefit those of you who love learning and teaching.

Be part of the book

Those students or parents who wish to add anything to the book please do contact me with your comments and memories. There might be something I said or did that helped during the times we spent in lessons that could be great to read in the book.

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