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My Extra Study


Teaching Piano is not just about Music but by being able to understand and communicate with children and adults of all ages and with all different types of learners.
One has to be able to really connect with the pupil and understand their work methods, their understanding of communication and how they think and feel.

I have over 50 years of experience of Piano but it's not just having the ability to teach music it is the ability to bring out confidence in those who need it more than others.

I have used a holistic approach to my teaching and decided that to benefit my pupils and myself it was clear that by learning and studying ways in dealing with people that undertaking further training and certifications would be of great benefit to myself and to my pupils.

Most private teachers in any subject will not undertake extra studies in mental health or counselling skills but I have felt by doing so it has enhanced my lessons considerably.

I will continue to enhance my skills with further certifications.


July 2023:  Completed Level 2 Certification in Understanding  Children and Young People's Mental Health

January 2016 - Completed Diploma in Teaching: Motivating Students To Learn

Module 1: Behavior and Goals as Motivation Sources 

Module 2: Motivation Related to Attributions and Interests 

Module 3: Self-Efficacy

Module 4: Self-Determination 

Module 5: Combining Motivation Theories 

Module 6: Motivating Students to Learn Assessment


 November 2023:Completed Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills                 

Unit 1: Using Counselling Skills

Unit 2: Introduction to Counselling Skills Theories

Unit 3: Diversity and Ethics in the use of Counselling skills

Unit 4: Counselling Skills and Personal Development

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