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About myself and family

When I was 5 yrs of age I started to learn to play the piano. I have never stopped as you can read from my profile on the front web page. I studied for 10 yrs.

Stage, TV, and radio appearances with solo performances as well as several bands. 

Currently working on composing/production of a stage show. Music excerpts are on Instagram.

One thing that I was so pleased about was the fact my parents had the intuition to put me into piano lessons. I am so pleased they did as now I enjoy a wonderful career teaching children and adults. There were many times I did not want to practice but they would not let me give up or give in. I am grateful for their perseverance.

My family is very special to me and I am very much supported in what I do by all of them. Anna, my wife is a trained hairdresser. Anna speaks 3 languages. English, Lithuanian and Russian. There is Ingrid who is a Primary School Teacher and fitness instructor. Robert was 14yrs old in August 2023. All three are very keen on fitness and winning.

We are now also Grandparents to a beautiful baby girl called Amelia.


Robert after one of his Karting races and Anna and Ingrid modelling for a fitness magazine.

So if your looking to download tons of music and wish to learn..... here is one of the biggest and best links ever. Just copy and paste. ENJOY!

Robert my Son just before his ABRSM Grade 3


Bruce messing around with my sign.

Paul Blackthorne, from Arrow, The Flash, 24, Legends of Tomorrow, ER and many more says Hi!
Music Productions

I have always been interested in composing and production since I was younger. Recently I decided to get back into doing this which for me has been hard work but so much fun. Below you will find some of my own compositions and videos.

As from 2022 I will train students to understand how production and video can work together this can work alongside their music education or a separate study. It is very creative and will require Grade 3 and above.


More music videos to come so watch this space!


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