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The Music Exams

All students are working towards their Trinity Music Exams

I have been teaching through ABRSM from Grade 1 to 8 for many years and now have decided to offer all students the opportunity of taking their Graded exams with Trinity and their digital exams. Each exam board offer the same UCAS points and Grade 5 is GCSE and Grade 6 and above is A Level.

I will now be offering exams ABRSM Grade 1-5 and Trinity 6-8. Theory exams are optional but I would suggest that you consider taking at least up to Grade 3 in theory or 5 if you wish to pursue a career in music.

ABRSM tend to be more towards Classical and Baroque and Trinity offer a range of music including many more 20th century as well as Jazz. Trinity also offer a bigger choice of music for the exams.

Trinity Digital Exams require the following: Scales, 3 pieces, 2 exercises

ABRSM Performance require:  4 pieces. no Scales and no Aural

ABRSM Practical Exams: Scales, 3 pieces, Sight reading, Aural

Trinity Digital Exams

ABRSM Performance Exams

T shirts and jumpers are available to students who feel proud in learning their instrument with a well established teacher and pupil base.

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