Success Stories


Mika 11yrs


Koti being presented with his Bach Watch Award for outstanding achievement in Music.


Qiyan 7yrs

Sida 15yrs


Ben being presented his award for the highest score of 144 out of 150. 

I have had many success stories over the many years of teaching. Some wonderful pupils such as Koti who left to go to study at St. Andrews University.Koti was asked to compose a simple piece of Music and came back 2 weeks later with a 24 page composition tailored to Bach in style.His enthusiastic approach to learning made it a pleasure for both of us.

Ben, is Head of History at his own School and decided to take a new journey in learning and decided piano would be his choice. It was a perfect choice for him and having undertaken several exams so far Ben has continued to exceed his expectations. He loves to learn modern, and classical and is in no rush to take exam after exam. In doing this he has become a very accomplished musician. I still have pupils trying to beat his score.


Many have passed through my front door having no musical experience at all. When they leave my tuition it is with the dearest hope that they will have learned something special in my teaching of music and life.

I always think of their future and that of their future kids. Having the ability to learn and play the piano or any musical instrument takes time and patience. It also takes hard work. Not all that have walked through my door have managed to be a success and some give up very early or before Grade 3. Those students that practice and believe in the learning process will succeed not only in music but many other aspects of life.

Mika and his brother Qiyan joined me in March 2020. I only managed to see them about 6 times before we were all presented with lockdown by the Government. Both children had no experience of the piano as such and had not undertaken any exams. They were open-minded to the idea of learning the piano.

Covid19- presented many difficult challenges in 2020 and beyond with teaching as one normally expects to see their pupils on a weekly basis. Obviously, this changed and all my teaching was presented online through different platforms.

Now I have a number of pupils that I could well talk about but two, in particular, stand out against all due to the sheer determination of them both wishing to learn and more importantly ENJOY the process and study as requested. In a nutshell, they did what they were asked to do.

Mika, has undertaken the following grades within 10 months. Grade1(Distinction), Grade 2 (Distinction), Grade 3 ( Distinction), and also Grade 4(Pass) and is ready to take his Grade 5, 6 and started Grade 7 as I write this. All done in under 1 year. When asked how he has managed this he tells me and other pupils that he puts the exact amount of time into each examination. He does not skip his lessons and enjoys the learning process.

Qiyan, following closely behind his brother and started when he was 6yrs of age. With each lesson, there is this cheery smile so enthusiastic like several of my pupils willing to learn. Those smiles make lessons so much better than those who don't push themselves to their full potential. Quian undertook 2 exams within the same short time and we had to pull him back from his Grade 3. He scored Grade 1(Merit) and Grade 2 (Pass). As I write this he is waiting to do Grade 3 and is already working on Grade 4. All under 1 year as the tender age of 7. As of Sept 2021 Mika has passed his Grade 5 and Qiyan his Grade 3.

Sida joined me a couple of years ago and we started from Grade 2 at the age of 13. He is now completed his Grade 8 ABRSM all in the space of 2 years. He has worked extremely hard and is one of my most dedicated students to date. We had to teach through his Grade 6 and 7 online due to Covid.

Sida loves the classical and Baroque music and especially Bach and any piece that requires total concentration such as Chopin's, Winter Wind. A piece that in itself requires a year of study and is off the Graded Charts.

My journey with Sida will soon be coming to an end due to his school examinations in the Summer. I do hope he will continue learning for many years to come. Sida,is pictured with his trophy given to him for outstanding performance.

There are many other success stories for different reasons. Students that have overcome shyness or those that have had learning difficulties. Each student has a mountain to climb and I will do everything I can to help them along. However, success starts with the will to learn, the support of learning, and the right instrument to learn on. If you start off with an instrument that is faulty the chances are your child will not be interested and fail. The parent too must be behind the learning process but not too much that the child feels that they have someone sitting on their shoulder all the time.

Music is about learning and fun: It's not all about examinations, although they do help towards getting into University.

So if you just wish to learn for fun, then that's ok or a combination of both. Let me know.

I look forward to updating you on many of my students.