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What Piano Should I Purchase

This is something that I am asked quite often by parents and pupils and it can be a minefield when deciding what is most suitable for you as you start your learning process to becoming more experienced with sitting exams to being a fluent piano player.

There are so many choices available to people with different budgets and expectations. I would always recommend that you purchase a keyboard with several things in mind and they are the following:

1) Budget

2) How long will the student be willing to learn and have you discussed this fully.

3) Where will you put your instrument. I do not recommend that you have the piano in a students bedroom as they will most likely not study and will not be doing as expected.

4) Have you visited any shops, viewed videos, spoken to other parents?

5) Is the student wishing to undertake exams, only for fun or both. I ask this question as it is extremely important that you consider this. Many parents think that just studying for exams will allow their child to flourish as a pianist, sadly this is not the case and over 80% will not be playing correctly within 8 months of stopping their piano tuition. The flip side also is that if you wish your child to learn for fun only they will not take it as seriously as one who is working towards exams and having fun music to learn. 

6) Will you be placing your electronic piano/keyboard near a heater or conservatory.

7) Will the student actually practice and want to practice and wish to learn.

8) Will you as a parent consider the days when your child refuses to practice and allow them to not study.
9) Are you a parent who will only purchase a cheap keyboard less than £100 to see if your child will learn, if so that is probably the biggest mistake as a cheap keyboard will only cut off the desire to learn correctly and willingly.

10) Is colour of a keyboard/piano significant in your purchase and function. Do you want a keyboard that is instrumental only or with drums and many sounds.


Only purchase an electronic piano that has graded and weighted keys and or has touch sensitivity. The touch sensitivity is extremely important to learning how to understand dynamics in music.

If your current keyboard does not have touch sensitivity then you will not be able to undertake any examinations from myself or from many teachers or institutions.


Using a DAW/ VST only Roland and Yamaha offer this connection however only the Roland FP10 will allow you to work with  Garageband etc. The Yamaha  P45 will not be suffice for this if you are wishing to go into music production. So please check before you purchase to see if your Piano/Keyboard will allow connection.


Prices range from £80 - £3000 upwards from Electronic, Upright to Grand Pianos. I have students with Electronic and Grand Pianos. My teaching method is the same for all students.

What you have to consider in this price ranges:

£80-150: Cheap keyboard and usually suitable for very young children to make a noise and have some fun understanding different musical sounds. AGE: 9 months- 3 yrs

£150- £250: Normally a 2nd hand keyboard for those entering and for parents not too sure if their child will learn.

£250-£450: This will get you a decent keyboard to start with. If your paying towards the £400 mark then your keyboard should last several years and or to at least Grade 3

£450-£600: You probably have considered all risks and your child has also made the decision to learn to play the piano/keyboard. This price range is for entry level as well as those who have experience.

£600-£900: This price bracket is for those who have decided to take a leap of faith in their Childs progression. From Grade 3 upwards. This particular style of electronic keyboard/piano will normally fit well in a living room.

£900 - £1400: This particular price range will offer you a piano that you will love. However, please be very careful about the purchase as there are models and makes out there that try to imitate the known market leaders and they are a disaster to play. Suggestions at this level are for Roland, Yamaha and now Casio.( Casio has come a long way). If you are spending over £1200 you will be purchasing a piano that will certainly last you over 10 years. You will probably not need to upgrade. Quality in this range will be extremely high quality and top range.

£1400 and above: Will last you over 10 years and you will not need to change or upgrade. Quality in this range will be superb.

Please take your time to listen through some reviews.

🎹Digital Pianos - The Ultimate Digital Piano Buying Guide - Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Casio & More🎹
Yamaha Tyros 5, 76 keys For Sale

Priced normally over £3000 in shops

Standard Price is £2200

My selling price £1900 OVNO

One of the top range keyboards in the world. Homebuilt recording studio.
Selling with microphone and stand as well as Sustain Pedal.

This is the 76 Key version.The longer version. In perfect condition and comes with the stand, all speakers.It has the Yamaha Stand with logo.( many do not have this) Has only been used a few times comes with cable.I can demonstrate all keys working and instruments as they should. There are no mechanical or musical issues as the keyboard is in factory condition.

No box as I bought it without box.( It will be bubble wrapped for protection or left as it is for you to view and play
Factory Condition. Covid free and Smoke Free home.

I bought it from a friend who was moving and he only had it 6 weeks. Sadly, I just do not play this great instrument as I use a Roland HP506.

It has never been used in clubs or pubs. It is as out of box condition. It's just taking up space in my lounge but I am in no rush to sell.

I will also be giving an updated flash drive with thousands of extra sounds, so that you will have much more that you can do with this keyboard.

Flash Drive Upgrade Tyros 5 included
Flash Drive Upgrade Genos included

This item is not for posting or delivery.
Payment must be made into bank account before release of Keyboard due to the value.

The price I am charging for this is £400 lower than it should be. Good luck finding the same keyboard with the same all thrown in and at the same condition. ( hardly used at all)

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