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Lucy .jpeg
5/10/2009 - 8/6/2022

Lucy, our miniature Schnauzer, was very much part of my business and teaching.

Lucy, loved meeting all the students and parents over the many years and seeing how well they would perform with their exams as well as many fun and exciting pieces.

A very much loved family pet and friend to many. 

Her first opportunity to sing was one that nearly made me fall off my chair making Anna laugh so hard. However, I nearly jumped 6ft in the air.

Over the years she has managed to calm students and parents who were terrified of a Dog. She would eventually become their friend. Always at the door with a welcoming wag of the tail and sniff.

You will find some pictures and videos of Lucy. I hope they bring you fond memories. Pictures will be places shortly.

She was not only the family Dog but a mascot of my business and people around always asked how she was. Students from the past would always remember her. Current students and parents will miss her and her personality.

To our family she was our baby girl and will always be with us just as Lara our previous Dog is. 

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