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Books to Buy

Learning Music as I stated is not just about learning Graded Music. There are many other genres of music and it should also be a fun experience.The student should also be disciplined enough to study and also consider letting their teacher know other pieces of music that they would be interested in learning.
I have many Pdf's of sheet music on this web page for the student to study and considerable amount of links that will offer the student and the parent to look at what may be enjoyable to learn and to listen too.

Writing in Books

I never let my students write in any of their books. Nor will I write in their exams books or any music book. If a book is defaced then the pupil will require a clean one.I have seen so many scribbles from other teachers it is beyond comprehension as to how any pupil could manage to understand the notes with all the markings of either a teacher or themselves. It's bad show!

Sight Reading Books


As Trinity explain, “The study of sight reading is valuable because it enables musicians to enjoy music that is new to them, either on their own or in a group. As with any other skill, confidence in sight reading comes with training and regular practice.”


As ABRSM explain," learning to sight-read helps you to develop quick recognition of keys and tonality, rhythm and common patterns of beats. It also helps you to learn to keep going even when you make mistakes, and work music out for yourself – which makes learning new pieces quicker and easier."

You can purchase the following from this link: please just copy and paste. If you want to go direct to ABRSM

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Other Main Books

I use a number of training books that help me teach the students. If students prefer classical but more known pieces then I seriously suggest they purchase, Tunes You've Always Wanted to Play as this book is full of well know classical pieces that are fun to play as well as keeping the student above Grade 3 in practice. Smallwood Piano is a great book written to allow the students understanding of timing and practice material. It has been around for many years and many teachers will use this book in their lessons.
The Smallwood's can be used from Grade 1 upwards. The other books I would suggest from Grade 2/3 upwards. Depending on a students capability I recommend that students consider the harder material when at Grade 3 as this is when a student can demonstrate their true ability.

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