Ewan McCutcheon



Ewan is my nephew and was born and raised in the United States of America.My brother moved to the US many years ago having completed his degree at Strathclyde University and then going to study at Cornell University.Ewan recently turned 22yrs of age and has a sister called Rori.

Ewan completed his Degree at The American University in Washington and graduated in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing. 

Ewan has decided to come to the UK and stay in Scotland with his Grandfather whilst he produces fascinating video's and discoveries whilst cycling and walking around the UK. His first stop of course is travelling around most of Scotland.
Made with Passion, Sincerity, Pain and Adventure 
I hope you enjoy the footage as much as I have as he has recently started this journey and many more videos will follow.


Slough Piano Teacher is proud to present Ewan McCutcheon

The mission at first was to cycle by bike to all the major football clubs in Scotland. That is quite a distance. Ewan explains in the videos.


To be able to strive forward, be creative and use my passion to see things differently. To take this opportunity and let the audience see and feel my journey.