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Queen Elizabeth II

Music Competition

Sadly on the 8th September 2022 Her Majesty the Queen died and will leave a lasting legacy of diplomacy and encouragement to many who met her and to those who now miss her.

Condolences to the Royal Family and to the many people touched by her life and her wisdom.
Wishing King Charles all the best for now and the future.

The winners music will be published onto this page along with my own and it will be passed on to His Royal Highness King Charles III



Pupils will have been invited to compose a short piece of music that will be dedicated to Her majesty the Queen.
There will also be a competition to compose a piece of music for our new King.
King Charles III




The Queen seemed to enjoy much entertainment and of course we all remember the helicopter and James Bond moment and the touching scene with Paddington Bear having tea and sharing marmalade.

Much to the enjoyment of adults and children alike the Queen enjoyed the seriousness of life as well as being able to keep a childlike outlook on the funnier side of life and with that being said I am sure she would have appreciated the gesture that many people will be doing to remember her.


19th September 2022 

Her Majesty the Queen was today given a truly formidable and historical funeral. 

Her Majesty, would certainly be extremely proud of everyone involved in todays ceremony.The viewing figures, are that over 5 billion people tuned in to watch the service. Nothing, in history can compare to how many people, obviously felt an attachment and felt, they needed to be part of, saying goodbye.

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