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Please feel free to link with me on my SloughPianoTeacher Instagram. 

I have a few people connected to me in this account that are in the Music Industry and those who follow for my Music. I am currently working on several songs and piano pieces during the day.

My aim is to have an album completed this year and it is taking up a lot of time during the day.

So just click on the link above and it will take you directly to the page.

Facebook Link

The above Facebook link will take you to the new Facebook Group Page

Parental Consent

Dear Parent and Pupil,

Social media is a great way of developing friendship and in many cases your business. It is a platform that we all will have to get used to and have been used to for many years. Friendship United was one of the first to bring back old friends from school. It has now ceased to exist due to Facebook and other platforms.

I keep an eye on the above social media platforms daily and using social media is one thing that children love to participate in with their friends. However, as you know it should come with parental guidance and for many, parents have to be aware of their child's social media contacts and on what media if any they are all on.

Both the above platforms state that a child should be 13 yrs and above and I totally agree with this statement and in some cases like TikTok it should be 16 and above. Even if you have complete control over your Childs phone and social media I can assure you that TikTok is something children are watching at school. Not just Secondary or Private but at Middle School. It does have interesting videos, funny and extreme and is NOT for younger children. However, you can set TikTok restrictions on your Childs phone for 12 plus.


Social media, is associated with increased anxiety and depression. It can be especially dangerous for children and teenagers already suffering from mental health problems, specifically depression and eating disorders.

Many children are using a multitude of ever developing social media and parents need to keep on top of this. There are many ways you can and one is being able to monitor and also give minimum time slots and or just sit with your child.

You will probably find that if your child is in a group/team they will also be invited to join that particular social media circle. It could be a swimming club, karate, golf, chess etc. We all use social media and it's a great way for us to keep in touch.

I have several pupils too young to use any of the above platforms and would not expect to see them there.

Too much social media and too much game playing is not good for your health and should be monitored.

Facebook only allows children to set up an account from 13 yrs upwards.

Instagram only allows children to set up an account from 13 yrs upwards.

The Facebook Group is for parents and students who feel happy to participate and show off their Childs skills in anyway they please. If your child is a pupil of mine and wishes to show off another skill other than music please feel free to do so.

Instagram is a quick view of what is happening, what I am doing and sharing. 

Your Childs picture or video will never be posted on social media without your consent or theirs. This also includes my web page and I will remove a picture upon request.

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