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International Students


I would like to welcome all International Students to my Web Page.


Finding the right tutor in any subject can be daunting and concerning as it's your ambition, love, dream that could be put to rest very quickly if you find the wrong tutor.

You will note from the landing page that I have over 45 years of Piano experience to which I hope assures you that you have found a teacher willing to work with you. However, I'm not just a tutor. I am extremely passionate of my subject and  hope my students will see this in how I train them. I also offer much more than just piano as I listen and I care.

Webcam Teaching - This is now a way forward for many subjects and offers pupils the opportunity to explore many new teachers and methods around the world.

Over the past 6 years or so I have been watching an increasing amount of hits on my web page and have been asked if I would consider teaching globally. To give you an idea as to how many hits on my URL per month I can tell you it is in the region of 7000 - 12000 per month. Yes this is international.

With my knowledge and experience of Theatre, TV, Film and composition I am sure that I will help you find your way forward within this industry and to learn how to play piano or keyboard.

So how do you go about asking me to be your teacher.Well it is very simple. Send me an email or text and I will respond to you. I will be happy to book monthly in advance. I do however ask that you read my Terms and Conditions of Business. I will not be able to accept you until you have confirmed that you have read and understood those T's and C's.

I offer my services to students above the age of 6 yrs only and parents of young children MUST be in the same room at all times whilst they are being taught. I am extremely diligent and careful regarding the welfare of all my students.

I am also happy to teach students via Webcam that may have a disability but will need to know what your disability is and how we can support you through training.


I have recently purchased Facebook Portal. This allows me to teach through WhatsApp and Messenger. However, I can also teach via FaceTime. WhatsApp and FaceTime are now the most popular globally to hold a conference call with. I can use Skype  but it is not my preferred method of teaching. You will not need to purchase Portal but it does have many advantages.


My lessons are conducted in English and written in English, however, I can have it easily changed to any written language as required. If you speak Lithuanian or Russian my wife can interpret and speak both languages. I do however prefer to speak and consult in English.

Lesson Times

My lesson times will be from 09.00 - 15.00 GMT. This is the times slots booked for International students.


All payments should be paid monthly in advance on the 1st day of each month. This is standard for all my students. You will find all the other information in my Terms and Conditions


I charge everyone the same. I have already kept my charges lower than most other teachers as I have found there are too many teachers only doing this for the money rather than the love of teaching and music. My charges will not be changing until 2022. I will then consult with my Accountants to see if I should change or freeze.

Exam Boards

I work under ABRSM, Trinity and London College - ( University of London)


I will help you find your local exam centre when suitable and advise on how you should proceed with examinations when you are ready to undertake them.

Webcam Lessons

My lessons, are taught the exact same way as I do with students that come, to my home.The added benefit of Webcam tuition, is that you, will also be in a relaxed place, such as your home, or accommodation. I also get to see your posture, fingering and notes close up. I, can still demonstrate the performance of pieces, as well as duets online, if required.

So what are you waiting for? 

Please contact me through the following: 

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