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Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge and why?

I charge £38 ph for grade 1-4 and £40 from Grade 5-8
My charges for Grade 1-4 did go up by £3.
The charges for Grade 5-8 have always been in place. This is inline with many Music teachers around the Country and is also depending on factors of where one lives. Forexample those within the M25 and within London Charge up to £50 ph.

The ISM and Musicians Union also suggest the Charges for teachers in their specific areas.

Will your charges change?

No they will not certainly not until 2025 when I may have to review, however, it is very doubtful that I will do so as I will always remain competitive and never over charge for my services. Most teachers charge £2-3extra pr year. I have kept my charges lower for the last 6 years. Unfortunatley with electric prices and other charges I now have to compete with other teachers.

Free lessons: Special Reserved Service

This is a special reserved service not offered by any other teacher or school that I am aware of. My free lessons are for pupils struggling with exams and for those who may need an extra top up before their exam. The free lesson actually negates the new charges that I increased of £3 per hr for the year. A few pupils in 2021 had 4 free lessons and long with their normal lessons. There are very limited spaces available for this.

Do I have to take Exams?

No You can learn for fun and or exams and I would highly suggest you learn both. Do not just learn for examinations as many pupils will not be able to play later on in life if they go down this route.

At Grade 3 I will stop for several months to make sure the pupil is learning other music. Music is NOT about Examinations. It is about a skill for life and for enjoyment. If you only wish to learn for exams you will seriously impact your understanding of music and in many cases you will not reach higher grades.

My music services are to teach and instruct all aspects of music so that the student can share their experiences with friends, family and have fun in the future.
Playing an exam piece may seem impressive to those who might know how hard you studied, however to others they will be more interested if you can play music that they know and enjoy.

Electronic Piano/Keyboard or Piano

This depends on budget, space and expectations. A piano has 88 keys and that is what is used for the majority of students, including electronic pianos.

Anything under £500 will be basic and anything around £800 will be sutiable for Grades 5 and above.

A basic piano will allow the student to play to Grade Level 4 but you would need to discuss with me first what your expectations are. It also depends what you really wish to learn.

Do you travel to Students?

I used to travel to students during the day but not after 2pm. I do charge extra for fuel for this sevice. I won't be doing so until we know that Covid is under control and to be honest I do not have the time as I am so busy. I will not be travelling in the afternoon or evenings. Presently I am working on my own music.

What is your priority in teaching students?

1) To teach music based upon the student's capability 2)To enable the student a skill for life 3)To allow the student to expore a new skill, reading and composition 4) To have fun, to smile, learn from their heart 5) To support and increase the students capacity to learn other subjects 6) To allow the student to make friends 7) To take a shy student and break down the barriers for life 8) To enable the students to understand how to work with time, deadlines and exams 9) To allow my students to be creative, positive and to accomplish their own goals and to nurture hearts and minds 10) To enable my students to level up, rise and shine and to assist them with their gift or development of their skill.

How long are your lessons?

All my lessons are 1 hr long. I do not teach 30, 45 mins for lessons although i do know many teachers that will do this and it is more for money than the actual value of the skill of music.

Nobody can really learn anything in 30 mins and if you really think how quick 30 mins is then you will understand or should try and understand that your child willm easily forget most of the tuition in that time. Some teachers teach for 45 mins as they know they can still charge the same as an hour. So it makes sense to that teacher to squeeze in another pupil or a couple of 30 min lessons.

Imagine only studying your school exams for 30 mins per day or trusting a Dentist/Doctor or other professional to have only studied 30 mins per day.

I hope that sums it up.

Ok, so your only doing 1 hr lessons: More info on that please

Firstly, I need to make sure the pupil is ok to have the lesson. They may have had a good day or a bad day or something exciting they wish to say or something underlining that is worrying them. I like to make sure my pupil is relaxed before a lesson.

No student can full concentrate if their are issues, concerns and worries.

Many times my lessons have turned to offering an ear in times of worry and stress and this too for advice. Whole lesson times have been taken up in dealing with issues that may need another ear and shoulder.

Once the pupil feels read I will move to the lesson phase, even if that issue is not resolved fully, my advice will have been given.
1) Intro 2) Ask about homework given 3) Scales 4) Homework 5) Learn new Pieces 6) Questions 7) End lesson

Homework and Expectations

I have a seperate page for this, please review You will need to study from 30 mins when new and then from 45mins- 1hr 30 mins depending on your level/grade If your the sort of students that is lazy, DO NOT CONTACT ME! I am here to motivate and instruct and I will help as much as I possibly can but those who just have no wish to be contructive or have no capacity to try hard, then it is advisable you do not take up the space of a pupil wishing to learm.

Engaging with other pupils

Many times I will bring in other students to an online lesson. It could be that they are working on the same grade. If so this is a great way to motivate each other and offer advice.

I also allow the students to ask each other questions on how they think they are doing.
This works really well and I will continue to work with this method.