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 Face to Face and Online Teaching

March 2022 Face to Face may resume


Our family take great care to make sure our visitors are in no danger of being injured or in catching Covid.

We have invested in making sure that those attending lessons are here to learn and enjoy the experience without any due concern.

The lounge is well ventilated and we use the following.
Dyson Hot & Cool HEPA Purifier

UVC Antibacterial Ozone Light (after lessons)

Antibacterial hand Sanitisers/with alcohol & Free

No touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Air conditioner( Summer)

Piano Keys sanitised for each pupil

Oxygen Bottle

Online Lessons

I will continue with online lessons as many parents and pupils prefer this method. I will also allow parents and pupils to be flexible with regards to attending in person and online. If you don't feel well or you just prefer to do the lesson online then please just give me 10 mins notice.


I will expect to see pupils face to face at least twice before the exams unless you are unwell.

Many pupils now prefer the online exams.This is working well with pupils gaining good grades.


Please bring your piano books with you when you attend lessons. Please keep your books in a good condition and do not write in your books.


I will offer refreshments of water, juice, tea and coffee for those attending and parents.Parents suffering from stress may have a Brandy, I may have to join you.

Important Note:

If Covid changes or worsens or there is an outbreak at your school or work please do not attend lessons. I may have to suspend face to face at short notice but I will always inform you and keep to the Government regulations.

If a member of my own family or myself is ill with a cold I will also suspend face to face and have the lesson online.


Please note we have a small dog called Lucy who is 13yrs old and she loves listening to the piano and meeting people.Lucy is a miniature Schnauzer and does not leave hair. In fact she is hypoallergenic, thus you will not be allergic to her. She does not bite and never has done.She does like to sit beside people and listen to the pupils. It is her home too, however, we know that some people are nervous of dogs so please let us know in advance so that we can make sure Lucy does not cause an issue.


The law states that I must stay at least two metres away from students and parents. Only you will play the piano as I shall not be allowed to have contact with the piano due to the distancing rules. Before you enter I will have to check your temperature.
Adults who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to enter and neither are their children. I will need to see your 2nd vaccination card.


Covid and Illness

Those that decide to come to my home will have to be aware of the following:

  1. If you or anyone in your family has a cough or cold your lesson will be online.

  2. If you have come into contact with anyone who has Covid at work, school, friend your lesson must be online.

  3. You must wear a mask during lessons and you must sanitise your hands.

  4. Adults must show that they have been vaccinated twice.

  5. You must arrive on time and wait until the other pupil has left.

  6. Children above 12 must be vaccinated.



There will be no singing lessons or study of this subject due to the fact that Covid is easily spread this way. Those requiring this part for exams will have their lessons online.


Slot Times

You must arrive on time and wait until you are allowed to enter. I will not allow pupils/parent to be in the same room as another pupil.Please be patient. Please also note some pupils will prefer to be online and I may have a short delay of up to 1 minute.
Only one parent and pupil allowed, no siblings unless I am teaching a sibling after a lesson.

Parking is available in the parking bays for the park or beside fence only

If you have a slight cold such as runny nose please consider an online lesson.

Currently we are seeing  emergency measures being put in place through Europe. It is only a matter of time before we may see the same in the U.K. 
Thus if we have a new wave in our country I will not be having Face to Face Lessons.
There is no point as myself and pupil would have to constantly clean our hands and I would constantly need to keep wiping the piano.


Let's Work Together

I am looking forward to seeing many of you again old and new at my home. However, if there is a huge outbreak of Covid all lessons will be back online.

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