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Had enough of seeing your son or daughter on their mobile phones, games units and becoming couch potatoes over the summer?

Worried they might be chatting with the wrong people and friends, some of you will not even know.

Worried that your child might not have enough friends

Can't afford a holiday but want your child to experience something closer to home that could be fun and may even lead them to take up a challenge or new hobby.

It really can be difficult to keep your child occupied during the holidays. They work hard all year but they might be missing out  on something  special, different, unique  a new learning experience.

My summer school is exactly for those who may wish to find out what learning the piano is really like. How learning a musical instrument can increase your brain activity by 15% and also give them encouragement to try something new and interesting.

There are limited spaces available but well worth that 1 hr or more if you so wish. There will always only be 1 or 2 students per session and no more. I need to give equal time and allow that pupil to really gain some experience.

I will be teaching the following to those without piano knowledge or those with.  It might be that your teacher is on holiday and you want to keep up the training.

  • Understanding the basics of piano

  • Understanding the basics of theory

  • Learning to play, understand notation and dynamic

  • Learning Sing

  • Grades 1-3 Theory quizzes

  • Composition on GarageBand and Logic Pro

  • How to make up your own small piece of music

To get the best out of this course I would suggest booking for a minimum of 10 sessions.This will give you a fast breakdown and intensive understanding about piano.( Recommended for those who may wish to consider taking up piano lessons with a teacher.

Each course can be tailored to the individual. Just tell me what you are considering.

This course is not about sitting exams or how to pass exams, it is to give you a different perspective of how to enjoy music. If you are interested in examinations please let me know.

Students must be 6 yrs and above. You can be accompanied by a parent if need be.

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