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disciplined, friendly, passionate counsellor and teacher 
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  • Read the web page before you contact me

  • Charges are £40 ph.

  • 100% Dedicated Pupils/Parents Only

  • The choice to undertake exams or not

  • Prepared to study, learn and have fun

  • Parents must support a child through training

  • 14-week probation/evaluation on training

  • Exams and Fun.Theory, Composition and Production

  • Pay fees on time or no lesson

  • One to One lesson only: No groups

  • Online Lesson/Face to Face

Established 2008


When spaces are available they will be posted here.
Average wait time is 2-3 years.



  • No 1 Private One to One tuition in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Online Reach.

  • Every Student guaranteed to be treated uniquely

  • Teaching students from different cultures to different capabilities.

  • Pupils encouraged to work with my other students during exams. Builds encouragement.

  • I am not associated with any other music school or teacher


"Outstanding, Entertaining, understanding, incredibly patient, good value"



Before you contact me please read my Terms and Conditions and Expectations. I DO NOT TEACH ADULTS. If you have not read my terms and conditions then I will not offer my teaching slots.

Learn  for Exams and For Fun

Before I started to teach I thought long and hard about how I would wish to be taught and what differences could I actually make to a students education in music. Would I teach the same methods as I was taught many years before or try and change that.

Many teachers today still teach by the old methods and they work to a point, however I found ways to make the learning process faster, enjoyable and retaining the discipline required to learn. I have not changed my method and the proof is in all the students who have passed their examinations over the years.My students on average learn 3 times faster with my methods.

I don't just teach piano for examinations.Learning exam after exam is not good practice although it might be quick you will miss out on so much enjoyment of other music. Learning for fun can also give you a skill for life.


Alan Fletcher from Neighbours

Personalized. Comprehensive. Fun.
Passing Exam Grades can help you get into University and College.

Learning the piano allows the student to be more creative in life and comes with so many benefits for their studies at school as their own well-being and nurturing their future.
I do everything possible to help all my students get the best our of learning this special skill and craft.

Building confidence and giving them a strong foundation in learning not just music but other aspects of their lives. I'm not the average piano teacher, I support parents and guide the family not just the student.

Psychology plays a very important part in learning and understanding a student. This is one major aspect of my teaching.

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  • Certifications: Protecting Children From Child Sexual Exploitation V2

  • CPR - AED - First Aid Certified

  • Motivational Coaching

  • CBT : Cognitive behavioural therapy

 Continuous Learning with other Diplomas and Certifications

  • Spoken English & Public Speaking

  • Solo Acting

  • Stage & Theatre

  • Vocal/Singing/Breathing

Making Learning More Enjoyable


I have been offering Face to Face Lessons since May 2022. However, 80% still prefer online lessons and some like to come 1x per month and the rest online.

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Guaranteed Success

Children from 6 yrs upwards

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ABRSM Grades 1-5 and Trinity Grade 1-8



Personalized Attention

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Welcome Visitor,   


You have shown an interest in learning the Piano or Keyboard.I hope you find the information that I give of use to you.Please read all the links.

I look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your Music.




  • Over 50 years experience of piano and keyboard

  • Calm friendly environment

  • Sense of humour

  • Experienced Teacher

  • Pupil Awards and competitions

  • Have performed publicly and live on TV

  • Understanding of children with fears and disabilities

  • Passionate about my work and how my students study and perform

  • I'm a Father and understand the care and compassion required to teach

  • True one hour lessons

  • Certifications by London College of Music, Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama

  • Relaxation, Voice and Performance Coaching

  • Motivational Coaching

  • Currently upgrading skill set with a number of Diplomas in Teaching

Contact me today to see how you can benefit from my wide range of services.

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With over 45 years of experience in Music/Piano studies and continuing  study in the world of Theatre/Stage and Music in Edinburgh - John McCutcheon can help guide you through the world of Music and Entertainment.

Having several stage shows under his belt such as Grease, Fame, Oklahoma, The Miser, Our Town and with participation in Radio and TV - John McCutcheon proved that having composed Music for the likes of James Bond and Baywatch it has given him an insight into the world of show business. He was asked to perform for Cat's Musical at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

He has composed music for Princess Diana, and Sir Sean Connery


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John McCutcheon and Robbie Williams

Myself and Robbie Williams/Take That


80, Upton Park, Slough SL1 2DG, UK

07933 070973

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John McCutcheon

Having been involved for over 45 years within the music industry and bands such as RAAN, Orange Juice (session player ), and appearances on TV, John is now teaching those wishing to pursue a career in music.

In 1998 John sourced FBI and Christian Henson to work on the composition called "Spymaster" for Eon Productions - The World is Not Enough

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Christian Henson

Christian Henson is a multi nominated (including Ivor Novello and World Soundtrack Awards) and multi award-winning composer. With over 45 films to his name, he has proved to be a prodigious and versatile force within the UK film industry.

Christian engineered and supported John McCutcheon in the production of "Spymaster".


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07933 070973

Please continue to read through my web page and I do hope that you will find that I have answered many of the questions you may require in needing a Piano Teacher.

Teaching online through Europe.

I welcome students from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania too many Europeans Countries to mention.

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